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Blogging: A Business Model To Contend With

If there is one marketing tool that is grossly underestimated by most business owners, it certainly is blogging. Using a blog to get your word out there is starting to make sense for a lot of corporates, and even small business owners. Here's why:
Establishing an online presence: A blog makes perfect sense because it gives a personal feel to your business, while still enhancing your presence over the web.Cost effective campaigning: A blog is not viewed as a direct advertorial, and this means understated marketing. Blogs are also economical considering the range of free or economical blog domains available.Lending personality to your site: An out of domain blog lends a fresh view on your corporate image. When big brands blog, everybody listens, but this does not mean the evolving entreprenuers are to be left behind.Brand community: Blogs are great ways to gather a loyal community of like minded businesspeople or even a prospective clientele.Getting up close and personal: Blogs lend…
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Plaigarising Anew - Are Spammers Fooling Search Engines?

Plagiarism is not a new online phenomenon by any standard. In reality, the ease and the lack of established governance in curbing online content theft have in essence made this concept into a notoriety of sorts. The rise of spam sites, splogs, and mirror sites, which conveniently delve into its benefits to either enhance their site hits or their ad revenue or both, just goes to prove how widespread it really is.

In the online arena, no website is unassailable, and no security is absolute. It is little wonder then that this has led leading search engines to adopt strict criteria to weed out plagiarised content, thus protecting the original site reputation. This measure began with Google bringing down the search rankings and indexing of sites with duplicate content, thus slashing their exposure rates. And other search sites have followed in tandem too.

Foolproof Plagiarism? Almost...
So why is plagiarism now a new phenomenon? Nope, it certainly is as old as the web arena itself, but the…

Social Networking – Redefining The Information Era

Not too long ago, getting news depended upon your daily newspaper and your dose of magazines and TV. If you had an opinion to share with the rest of the community, you rarely did get the opportunity unless of course you were part of the media elite or a revered critic in your own right. For the less influential though, projecting their take on an issue was a distant dream, yet. The established media had its own notions about letting the common man have his say – carefully guarded procedures and a wary control over public opinion meant that an outsider rarely made a mark on the literary scene.

Rise of Social Media
Well, the Internet changed all that. The marked media-shift has been born of nothing less than sustained efforts to change the way the world shares news. It’s no more the sole prerogative of the choicest few; information now flows instantaneously across the globe. The age of the Web 2.0 has finally arrived and is here to stay. You, the layman, can now not only write on topics…

Eco Living – When All Is Not So Green

We have all heard about the joys and benefits of going green, and about how it is inevitable in current times. The sky high levels of pollution, and the global warming and climate change phenomena have been discussed aplenty, particularly by the environmentally conscious American population. Yet, eco-friendly living has not established itself well in the US, despite several calls for change. Exploring this in depth reveals some startling truths about Eco-conscious living.

Why Going Green Is
Admittedly several benefits work in favor of an environmental-friendly lifestyle. For one thing it ensures health living and the satisfaction that the world will remain beautiful and unscarred. Perhaps the innate contentment also comes from knowing that the world we live in will be a secure and wholesome abode for generations to come. Being environmentally conscious is appealing and is certainly a worthy cause.

The Downside to Eco Friendly Living
While acknowledging the benefits of adopting the Eco-fr…

Points To Ponder When Opting For Term Insurance

Perhaps the one question people are wont to answer is whether they really need life insurance. Life insurance is a must-have if you are a parent or the primary provider for your family, or have significant debt that need to be taken care of in the event of death. Life insurance can mean a great sense of relief and peace of mind, and a guarantee that your loved ones will be cared for even when you are gone. However, the baffling array of life insurance coverage is likely to leave any consumer in a muddle. What is right for you – permanent or term life insurance?

The Benefits of Term Coverage
The average salaried professional with limited commitments, has a clear choice. Term insurance offers the right mix of benefits with short term coverage on low premiums. Going for temporary insurance is often the right choice for the typical buyer looking for affordable coverage. Custom insurance packages over a set duration of 10, 20 and 30 year periods can also be good deals to consider depending o…